Koh Samui: An Unexpected Stop

After possibly the shortest ever trip to India we were both left feeling deflated and to be honest beaten. We were disappointed that we had given up, however, we knew that we had made the right decision and agreed that India just wasn’t for us. 

Although the flight from Delhi to Bangkok wasn’t very long we were faced with a twelve hour layover in Bangkok international airport. Luckily our luggage was going all the way through from Delhi to Koh Samui so we didn’t have that to worry about, we just had to sort our visas and go through customs as Bangkok was our first port of entry. The process was actually very quick and simple unlike the visa process for India where we waited for hours. Once we had our visas and through customs our wait began. We quickly found a restaurant and experienced our first taste of real Thai food, which we both loved. But unfortunately that had only taken up 40 minutes so with eleven hours still left to go we set up camp on some chairs near a power supply, created numerous different free wifi accounts and logged on to Netflix. Surprisingly the time whizzed by and before we knew it it was 4am and we were able to check into our flight and go through security and head to our gate to board the 45 minute flight to Koh Samui. 

Finally we landed on the island of Koh Samui. We hailed a taxi and set of down the coastal road to our resort. Koh Samui is mainly made up of upper end resorts as opposed to hostels and guesthouses. Although Koh Samui is a backpacking destination its more set up towards holiday makers. As we passed big fancy resorts I think we both began to get excited for a bit of rest and relaxation. Eventually we arrived at Manathai Resort and Spa. We weren’t able to check in as it was still only 9am so we were directed towards the pool to relax under the already boiling sun. We both immediately fell asleep, luckily as the sun moved we were under the shade of the trees because of course neither of us had sun cream on. After a short power nap we were able to check in and headed to our room for a proper sleep, we both slept through to the next day about 16 hours in total, i think it’s safe to say that after two days of nearly no sleep we were in desperate need of a good sleep! 

For the next couple of days we just relaxed by the beach spending our time drinking cocktails and reading. The most active thing we did was walking a few hundred metres to find a local restaurant. One thing we immediately noticed about Koh Samui was that every man and there dog (literally) had a scooter. Also, taxis were actually really expensive even after bartering. So we made the decision to rent a scooter so we could adventure at our own pace and not be restricted by taxis or anything else. As with a lot of the Southeast Asia countries the roads on the island were a little more hectic than back home so we took it slow and ventured further each day. 

As we were on the island for two weeks we were able to take things slower than most people. We spent the days relaxing by the pool, walking along the beach and just checking out the local areas of Lamai Beach and Chaweng Beach. We ventured out in the evenings to visit the famous night markets and like most bought the classic baggy trousers and and cheap jewellery. A few times I nearly got suckered into buying a pair of trainers but fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it my feet were too fat (wide) for them. We spent each evening trying out different local restaurants offering amazing Thai food and good beer. Most evening we were tucked up in bed relatively early because you know doing nothing gets tiring! 

Before we knew it it was our last day and it was time to part ways with our scooter aka Scoot Scoot before attempting the mammoth task of cleaning and packing the mess of clothes back into our bags. Packing complete after as much procrastination as possible it was midnight and we had to be up at 3am to get to the airport for our 6am flight to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. 

I think although we both had an absolutely amazing time relaxing and soaking up the sun in Koh Samui we were both ready when the time came for us to move on. We both left excited for what was ahead and with India firmly in the past. 

Two very short 45 minute flights later and we landed in Cambodia for the next leg of our adventure. 

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