Port Elizabeth: Our First Unfortunate Event

So after three amazing days at Pumba Game Reserve we were back in PE at Island Vibe in our five bed dorm room. Whilst we checked in and dumped our bags, Andre our driver from Pumba, offered to wait for us so he could drop us somewhere for lunch. He suggested an area called the Boardwalk on the sea front which is full of restaurants, shops and bars, so off we went. 

Once we arrived we just headed to the nearest restaurant which was called Spur Steak Ranch. Spurs is a huge family restaurant (very similar to something like Applebee’s in the states). We filled up on good cheap food and headed out to wander around the shops. We found a few surf shops and Rosie found another book store so we both ended up with another new book. Then we stumbled across a cinema and with the whole day to kill we thought why not catch a movie so we booked tickets to watch ‘Why Me’. We had a bit of a wait so we just chilled out in the shade and waited. Three o’clock rolled around and we stocked up on drinks and sweets as in South Africa they don’t charge you an arm and a leg for packet of starburst like they do in the UK. The film, it was the first laugh out loud film I’ve seen in a long time. We had the seen the trailers a thought it might be funny but it exceeded our expectations we both laughed the whole way through. Coming out of the cinema Rosie reminded me that we had seen an ice cream shop so headed there then grabbed an Uber and went back to the backpackers. Once back at the hostel we both just crashed hard and fell asleep really early. 
The following morning we spent just chilling around the dorm room. I read the remainder of my book ‘Traffiked by Sophie Hayes’ a true story about an English girl who get sex trafficked in Europe. As I put it down and said finished Rosie picked it up and read cover to cover in just over an hour. We were the only ones in our five bed dorm so we got our money out and counted it all up so we could work out our daily allowance for the remainder of our time in South Africa. All counted and with the money locked away we got ready and decided we would go to the sea front for some lunch. Our driver the day before had suggested Barney’s so went there. From there we just spent the day wandering around checking out the different areas and then decided as it was so cheap to catch another movie ‘Assassins Creed’ this time. The film was okay, not the best not the worst. In the Uber we had seen a convenience store so decided to walk back to the hostel via this shop so we could grab some bits. Rosie was in desperate need of some insect bite relief and luckily there was a pharmacy. Once we had all we needed we finished the walk back to the hostel ready to pack up for our 6:30am bus to Cintsa. 
Back at the hostel and packed up, Rosie went to get some money out for the bus ride the following day. I could see her frantically counting and recounting the money. Then she asked me what did we do with that money we counted earlier. I started to realise what was wrong. Money was missing! We cleared everything off the bed and then laid everything out so we make sure we had stupidly put it somewhere else. We hadn’t. The money was gone. We were gutted, angry, confused. £600 gone poof. Rosie instantly got the insurance details out while I was running through my head how it happened. There were a couple of lads hanging around outside our sliding patio doors in the morning, had they seen us counting it? I wasn’t sure. Could I approach them? I decided against this when I remembered they were both like 6ft 4 and built like a train. One maybe I would of but certainly not two. We tried the insurance company but obviously they only work 9-5 UK time and at this point it was about 10pm. We told the night manager what had happened and he was sorry, but nothing he could do. He told us that the police wouldn’t come out for something like that so he wrote us a letter for the insurance company. 
Stressed out, angry and tired we decided it was time to get some sleep, it was almost midnight when a Canadian couple checked in were shown into our room. We had to move the mess we had made trying to find the money. They both got straight in the bunk bed clearly tired and then out of nowhere the woman on the top bunk jumped up and off the bed screaming her boyfriends name saying get it get it. They both walked out the room not knowing what she saw we just ignored it assuming it was a spider. She came back in and took her bags back out the room after telling us her bed is crawling with bed bugs. This made sense as to where Rosie’s huge bites came from. The Canadian couple left as quickly as they had came. My bed was on the other side of the room and a single not part of a bunk bed. Rosie emotionally exhausted laid on it with me, not bothered about changing rooms we both fell asleep in the single bed fully clothed head to toe with alarms set for 6am. 
Both of us had barely slept wink when the alarms were going off. Before we knew it we were up, showered and outside waiting for the bus. For once it arrived perfectly on time, still angry and confused about the night we boarded excited to be moving on to Cintsa where Rosie has volunteered on a horse farm for a number of years and where I have heard so much about. 

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