JBay: Sea, Sand & Shopping


Another day and another stop on the Baz Bus. Jeffrey’s bay, another place ticked off on our list. We’d heard so much about JBay before we came, people raving about the surfing and the chilled out vibe. It certainly didn’t disappoint, although both days we were there the wind was a little crazy we managed to make it out on to the beach for a sunbathe and Kenny even made it in to the sea (even if he did get absolutely flattened by a 10ft wave and what looked like road rash on his shoulder that he had gotten from hitting the sand so hard). We decided we would save our first taste of surfing for somewhere where the waves weren’t quite so enormous (I don’t want my first surfing experience to be my last). We stayed at island vibe which is right on the beach, in a 4 bed dorm, we decided pretty quickly that we much prefer a larger dorm than a small one with us ending up having two dorm mates who were the complete opposite (one in bed and asleep at 9 and up at the crack of dawn and the other out until the early hours and asleep until midday). The backpackers had a great bar that served great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (included some great pizzas!) as well as cheap drinks, good music, peer pong and pool. With our stay here relatively short we decided that for the first time we would just chill for both days which is exactly what we did, sunbathed and did a little shopping at the surf factory outlets and found some great bargains in the billabong shop (we’ve got just enough room in our bags to fit them in). 

We also managed to book all of our rail travel and hostels in India as that part of our trip is fast approaching, we thought it would be best to have a set plan with us having a limited amount of time there.

Also whilst on a booking spree we were able to book 3 days in a really nice resort in Phuket for our last 3 days in Thailand using hotels.com. We managed to get an amazing rate because we’ve been using their rewards programme where you get 1 night free when you book and stay 10 nights through their website. The free night is equal to the average cost of all your nights so we had about £75 to spend, as well this by signing up to their rewards program you get up to 50% of normal prices so we managed to get a huge discount and then £75 off also! 

So after all that productiveness it’s time for us to head of on the next part of our adventure, Port Elizabeth, where we will be transferred to our Safari at Pumba Game reserve! So get ready for some posts filled with animals! 

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