Last Day In Cape Town

Already the last day was upon us, we spent so long looking forward to it and the first small section is over in a flash. Obviously you could spend weeks in Cape Town and do something different everyday, so we had to decide what appealed to us the most and squeeze as many things in as we could! The last day we had planned to get the cable car to the top of Table Mountian, vist Robben Island (the prison where Nelson Mandela was held) and also the hostel had a free activity to hike up Lion Head Peak but that wasn’t until 5pm so we thought we could definitely fit the other things in first thing in the morning. We woke up at 7 to get our free breakfast in then headed straight out to the Vodacom shop to sort our SIM cards which was surprisingly easy (Top tip – if you’re ever thinking of getting a sim in SA you need to take your passsport with you to get one). With that done we used our new data to try and book the cable car for the morning and we were very quickly greeted with big bold lettering saying ‘CABLE CAR CLOSED TODAY DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS’ brilliant we thought that’s that out the window then! For those of you saying they could of just hiked it, yes we could but we had so much else planned for the day so we opted against it and moved on to booking Robben Island. So again we go online to the tour website type in what we wanted and again we were shot down “SOLD OUT” on every time slot (Top tip – book in advance). After trying 4 or 5 different websites we faced facts that Table Mountain and Robben Island were out the picture. We were now left with a full day with nothing planned so we called an Uber and decided to check out The V&A Waterfront. The Uber ride was dirt cheap and really quick from our hostel. The driver stopped right outside of the Two Oceans Aquarium so we checked out the prices, like with everything else in South Africa it was cheap so we thought why not kill an hour. I didn’t have massive expectations but was pleasantly surprised. There was a nice variety of things to see and do whist wandering around checking out the Baby Sharks, Jellies, Nemos, Penguins and Sea Turtles (all names given by the aquarium). After that we just spent the rest of the morning wandering through a huge shopping mall trying very very hard not to get pulled in to the shops, people that know us know we love to buy things we don’t need! We did come very close to buying something each in Hurley but fortunately or unfortunately which ever way you look at it the items didn’t fit! We quickly grabbed some lunch and took some nice pictures and decided to head back to the hostel. By this point it was around 3ish so a couple of hours chilling with a beer waiting for this hike. First thing I’m going to say about the hike, boy did we underestimate how much of a hike it would be. I think we were both kind of expecting a nice stroll up a hill (neither of us very sure what or where Lions Head was). It was anything but a stroll. We jumped in a taxi from the hostel which they actually paid for, amazing, it was just a short journey to the base and start of the hike. We met a nice Canadian guy (Bradley) from the hostel in the taxi who was travelling alone and said he had done the hike the day before and that it was pretty easy. Jumped straight out the taxi GoPro on and the three of us started up this hill. After maybe 2 or 3 minutes we were both breathing heavy Bradley however was not, I think both of us instantly thought ‘but he said this was easy’. The water came straight out of the back pack and we were downing it like we hadn’t drank in weeks! We ploughed on up the hill gradually getting slower, i looked at Rosie at one point and she was so red i thought she was going to burst. After a while the gradual hill turned into rocky steps that eventually got bigger and bigger. After the rocks came some precarious metal ladders and after those some even more sketchy metal staples in the rocks to use as handholds to climb up. These were made even more sketchy by the fact there’s no railing or guard quite simply if you slip or fall you will just fall down the mountain. After the dodgy staples we faced some more rocky stairs and just when you thought they might be almost over there were more of them. I was convinced at one point that Rosie was just going to stop and say, “i’m done now,” but she didn’t and eventually we made it to the top.
Once we were at the top Rosie was quick to have a seat and refuel with some crisps she had been stashing in her bag while I scouted around for good photo oppourtunites. Once she was feeling human again we did the typical touristy pictures on the edges of the rocks, holding hands, sitting down before we found a place with the group to sit and chill for a while while we waited for the sunset.
Around 8pm just at the sun was beggining to set we started to head back down the mountain so we wouldn’t be walking in the dark.
Turns out going down wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be, it was definatley a lot faster but it involved a lot more near miss trips, two rolled ankles and a scorpion in the path. Nevertheless we made it down just as it went really dark and the views had been amazing so we couldn’t complain. Once we were all down we piled back into the taxi and headed for the hostel.
Back at the hostel and pretty knackered as well as suitably sweaty we grabbed a shower and headed out for dinner at Hudson’s the burger bar close to the hostel. After some great food we headed back to the hostel to pack up our stuff ready to leave early on the baz bus in the morning.
K x

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