Cape Town

So finally after 17 hours of travelling and some emotional goodbyes at the airport we finally arrived at the first stop of our trip yesterday. Cape Town.
We taxied from the airport to the backpackers with Solly our taxi driver who was a mine of information about the city and its history. We almost got stuck on the highway when the car in front of us lost a wheel but the wheel decided to carry on without the car down the highway. (We later saw 2 guys pushing it back towards the car). 
We checked in to the hostel, Once in Cape Town, which is really nice. It has a super hippie vibe and even when we arrived at 2 the music was already blaring in the bar. 
We had dinner at a really cool burger bar close to the hostel, HUDSONS, the food was great and huge portions. Before crashing for the night to catch up on some sleep.
This morning we went on the free activity offered by the hostel, there’s always one each day, it was a trip to the biscuit mill market which was a pretty cool way to spend the morning. The market was full of quirky craft, clothing stalls and there was a whole host of different local food stalls which all smelt and looked amazing. 
We’ve had a pretty chilled afternoon planning some other parts of our trip while we can and getting ready for our trip tomorrow, Shark Diving. We’ll let you know how we get on!

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